This website was created to shine light into the darkness that shrouds our country.

The irony is that America faces the world as the bulwark of democracy and freedom. But we’ve been deluded — they have blinded us to our own evil which envelops the world and is destroying us from the inside.  The opioid crisis is 250 years old.

Questioning the official version makes you a “conspiracy theorist,” according to CIA Memo 1035-960; they came up with that concept to defend the Warren Commission for being a cover-up of their crimes.

The truth is out. These books were written by real people, all whistleblowers, researchers, and witnesses to these crimes.

As Patriots, take the responsibility to read, to learn and to understand our the depths of our nation’s disgrace.

Only we can bring this horror to an end. Our contribution was to read and to synthesize. Now we need leaders in the truth.

We demand these evil men be arrested, tried, convicted and hung out to dry in the town square.

Truth and reconciliation for everyone else, but the damned gone for eternity.

As citizens, journalists, editors, investigators, and researchers, welcome to our community. Please buy these books, post reviews, comment on the articles. When all of us read the truth,  our country will return to its rightful path.

The creators of this website meet in an open secret on the grounds of Fort Jay, one of the original star-shaped forts (another one became the pedestal for the Statue of Liberty), protecting New York harbor.

The inspiration was to remember what it was like here 200+ years ago, before the CORRUPTION ruined America for everyone.  Looking out over its ramparts, Fort Jay reminds us of the geometrical power of the star, with canons on the corners, and a view across the water, to save us from their attacks. 

In honor of the brave men once stationed here and in the tradition of Silence Dogood, the nom de plume and nom de guerre of Ben Franklin, let the author of this site be known simply as “Jay Fort.”